1. They said they had falcons. I LOVE falcons. So… here’s a peregrine falcon. 


  2. neil-gaiman:



    I am so proud to be involved in this.

    September’s featured author just won a well-deserved lifetime achievement award from the National Book Foundation!

  3. Existential Bloomberg. Because I had a chance to draw a cat.

    Illustration by Abigail Shaw

  4. I went ahead and did another early scene in the book, this is the bar scene that took up almost all of the first chapter. I decided to do this all in charcoal so its looser than my usual style, but I thought I would throw it up here anyways.

  5. A quick cover redesign for the unhappy couple.

    Illustration by Abigail Shaw.

    (Apologies for the late post, Abi!) 

  6. So I was really unsure what to illustrate from Lolita so I rebelled a tiny bit and painted something serene and calmish.

    This is from the scene where they were placidly swimming in the lake while our favorite jailed narrator plots his new wife’s murder. This is the beautiful lake swimming area but everything is just a tiny bit wrong. Enjoy!

  7. Hello everyone! Since I’m a bit behind posting a reminder for this month’s Book Jamboree, I’ll extend the deadline until Sunday night (August 3) and post all of the art on Monday August 4th. Have a good weekend!

    Art by Jennifer Heuer

  8. I LOVED this book! I decided to do a spot illustration of the first time Jonas noticed red hair. It was one of my favorite parts of the book (you know when it was all innocent and cool before BAM the world was terrible). 

    This also became my bi annual scratch board project :D with a splash of water colour. 

  9. "Above and Below" by Marisa Seguin.

    I loved imagining the Iron Giant wandering the depths of the ocean. It’s a place that we know so little about and the isolation experienced by the Iron Giant seemed well matched with the unexplored mysteries of the sea.

  10. I like the idea of all the cows just staring up at the giant as he eats their fence. Nom nom nom.

    Illustration by Abigail Shaw